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In terms of logistics, the key criteria that define the quality of PRODINVEST’s work are speed and uninterrupted supply of products to clients.

Using a state-of-the-art information system allows us to monitor our stocks, plan ahead for purchases of raw materials and finished products with great precision, correctly execute bills of landing for every batch of products when due, and control every stage of movement of goods on their way to the consumer.

Our warehousing facilities are equipped with hardware to ensure compliance with the requirements for storage of food-related raw materials and finished products. Moreover, we guarantee 24/7 security of our warehouses by way of video surveillance and access control systems.

Our supply of products involves two types of transportation, railway and road vehicles. This allows our clients to choose the optimal, both time- and cost-wise, method of transportation of goods.

Precise and well-coordinated actions of our logistics department ensure that orders from our clients will be delivered on time, observing every requirement for storage and transportation, and complete with any and all bills of lading that may be required.