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Line of Business

PRODINVEST Ingredients is a subsidiary of the PRODINVEST Group that supplies highly technological ingredients from the world's leading manufacturers catering to the needs of the food industry to Russia. Our suppliers deliver their products to food industry manufacturing sites all over the world, observing high standards of quality, and employing cutting-edge manufacturing technologies.

The professional team of technologists and managers is always there to help the client choose the right kind of products, offer advice, and guarantee stable supplies.

The range of our products always includes fermentation cultures and preparations, cheese coatings, protective preparations, functional ingredients, laboratory tests, and so on.

VALUES – integrity and honesty in dealings with the clients and partners. We guarantee that the products that we supply conform to every requirement of the National Standards of Russia.

MISSION – satisfying the needs of our clients, food industry companies with quality ingredients and ensuring the highest levels of service.

LOGISTICS – we take pride in our reputation as a reliable partner who delivers all of its obligations right on time. The key parameters of the quality of our work, as far as logistics go, are expedience and continuity of supplies to clients.