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  • Acidifiers

    Mixture of organic and inorganic acids, are an alternative to feed antibiotics. Behave as growth stimulants, optimise the digestive process in pigs, rabbits and farm poultry, improve the palatability fodder, suppress intestinal pathogenic microflora, including Salmonella, E.coli, etc.

  • Premixes and PVMA (Protein-Vitamin-Mineral Additives)

    Specially designed premixes and PMVD for all species of farm animals, adjusting for age and future productivity.

  • Protected fat - NUTRAKOR

    High-energy feed produced from palm oil. Designed specifically for dairy cattle. Helps maintain health with the rising productivity and has a positive effect on the reproductive function of cows.

  • SMP & WMP

    High-quality, developed on the basis of the latest scientific developments in the field of animal feed, whole milk replacers for feeding young farm animals and skimmed milk replacers for pre-starter feed.

  • Whey fat concentrates

    Whey fat concentrates are used for the production of whole milk replacers and ready-mixed feeds.